New to the sport of Wrestling?

Please note, we will also hold a parents meeting at the begining of the year to help introduce new parents to the sport and answer any questions you may have.

Here's is quick crash course and some helpful information to prepare you for the season.


Equipment-Headgear is required at some tournaments.  We advise using for practice as well especially when we "live" wrestle.  For a first year child you may want to make sure they will be competing before you invest in any equipment.  Shoes-wrestling shoes are not required at tournaments or practice, but you must bring a clean pair of non street shoes or socks to practice in.  Shorts and a t shirt can be worn for practice and tournaments.  Singlets can be rented free of charge with a deposit if your child will be competing in tournaments.


Practices-we encourge you attend as many as possilbe, but its a long season, don't worry about attending all of them.


Tournaments-these are optional, but we again encourage you to try a few.  As an individual, it a good weigh to measure how your kid is doing and see any improvements.  Our coachs will provide a list of 8-10 tournaments that we will be at, so you know your child will have some help.  Additonally we enter as a team, points are tracked by place finishers and awards are given to the top three teams at the tournament.


USA card-you will need this to compete in tournaments.  The cost is $40/yr and you can purchase on line by visiting our links menu button above.  This is a form of supplemental insurance that works for the individutal competing and the club hosting the tournament.


Discipline-We try our best to run organized practices, with the little ones it can be tough.  We will work with kids the best we can to keep them focused, learning, and having fun.  Kids that are causing a distraction during practice may be asked to sit out, or may be lose thier privledge to participate in games at the end of practice.


The sport of wrestling can be very challenging mentally more than physically.  Please attend one of our parent meetings at the begining of the year for more information on the challenges parents and children will experiance in this sport.