Monsters Accelerated Wrestling Program


Learn More, Learn Faster, Increase Comprehension (Still Wrestle Individual Tournaments With Own Club


Monsters Accelerated is an advanced program that consists of highly qualified state wrestlers that want to improve their skills at an “accelerated” level.

The program is taught by: Kyle Kieliszewski - 3 time state qualifier and 12 years of youth coaching experience.  Eric Vold - State Champion, and 15 years of coaching youth wrestling.


Requirements For The Team:

• Open to all 4th through 8th grade wrestlers

• Must purchase own USA Wrestling Card

• Annual membership fee of $ 250.00

• Ability to handle practices that are more intense and technique orientated than traditional club practices


Practices are closed to the parents and siblings to avoid any distractions.  We will have one open practice a month, which will be the first Tuesday of that month.



Registration is Monday October 28th and Wednesday the 30th 2019 in the Milton Ag building (right next to Milton High School) Practices will Start the week of November 7th, Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8pm.  If you miss registration, you can still sign up, just fill out the registration and concussion forms and bring to one of the practices.


Goal: Create a system that wrestlers can learn, master, and build off of to better their skills while putting them in an intense training environment to accelerate them to the next level.

Technique:  Our main focus of the season will be to teach and perfect "high percentage" moves.  These are the moves the wrestler will carry with them at both the Hight School and College levels.  Once the wrestlers have learned the basics and correct technique our focus will shift into the "set up" and live execution of these moves.  We will teach additional advanced moves and styles, but they will not be the moves drilled on a daily basis. 

Drilling:  Although this can seem boring to the wrestliner at the time, they will soon realize the ability to set up a move and complete it without thinking about it in a live match is needed for success.  Muscle memory is very imortant, we hope to take this from the practice room to the competition.


Conditioning:  The best way to be in "great wrestling condition" is to wrestle.


Mentality: Confidence is one of the biggest things in wrestling. Wrestlers will have confidence in their technique, strength, and conditioning, which gives them the mentality they need to win. Wrestling with the right mentality is what makes the sport fun. Win or lose it will be fun to go out on the mat and compete.

Practice: There are many different ways to train and there are times to go hard and times to back off. A lot of things will go into account as I design practices. I look at a wrestling season having three phases: early, middle and late. I am not 100% sure when these phases will be taking place yet, because it depends on how fast the wrestlers pick the technique up. Early in the season it is important we focus more on technique and applying technique during live wrestling. During the middle of the season we will be doing a lot of reviewing and drilling. Later in the season intensity and pace of the practice room will be very high. I will be adding details to the moves that have already been perfected. This will be the most fun part of the season because there will be noticeable differences in each wrestler.

Contact Information: Kyle Kieliszewski 608.335.9936 or